J. Pettiecord, Inc. is one of the Midwest’s leading land clearing, grinding and recycling companies. We have a large focus on avoiding waste and reusing materials, which is why we offer various types of mulch made from our land clearing projects.

Bondurant Munchkin Mulch Install

Munchkin Mulch

We now supply IPEMA certified playground mulch that meets ASTM F2075-15 and F1951-14 specifications. Pricing is available per cubic yard delivered, or per cubic yard installed (with our blower truck).

Double Ground Hardwood Mulch

J Pettiecord Inc provides a high-quality double ground hardwood mulch. This material has been ground through a 2” screen, which is smaller than what most companies offer, for a consistent size and appearance.

Colored Hardwood Mulch

Our premium colored double ground hardwood mulch is a high-quality material that is safe for people, plants and pets. Add an aesthetic view to your landscape with available colors such as black, dark brown and red.

Woodchip Bioreactors

We supply quality woodchips for your bioreactor screened free of fines, from trees that have been removed with modern forestry equipment. This allows us to offer our customer the best product in the industry, for a competitive price. Call our office to schedule delivery of quality woodchips by our fleet of walking floor trailers.

Landscape Compost

Pettiecord manufactures and sells high-quality landscape compost in bulk that is suitable as a soil conditioner for all applications. Our compost product is closely monitored for temperature and moisture, turned, and watered as needed to meet pathogen reduction requirements as outlined in Iowa Administrative Code. After curing, finished compost is produced by screening the material through 3/8” screens.  Annual analytical testing, tracking/reporting of incoming feedstocks, and tracking/reporting of finished compost is conducted to be in compliance with the permit requirements set forth from Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS).