website maker With a large fleet of heavy equipment and one of the largest grinders in the midwest, J. Pettiecord, Inc. is the premier land clearing and grinding contractor in Iowa and surrounding states. Every project, regardless of size or scope, will be completed in a timely manner.

We offer a full-service approach to land clearing including the removal and grinding of the root balls and disposal of the wood chips. Increase the LEED points on your project by using J. Pettiecord Inc. — we recycle all the wood chips from your site.

Municipal Wood Waste Grinding and Disposal
Each year, J. Pettiecord, Inc. grinds large piles of wood waste for cities all over the midwest. This may range from a pile of tree limbs from a storm cleanup operation or the regular operations of a city. We also can dispose of any wood chips from these operations.

Construction and Demolition Grinding
Contractors can reduce costs by using J. Pettiecord, Inc. — we’ll cut transportation and disposal costs by grinding construction and demolition debris. Landfills even make use of this service in an effort to better compact materials and save money.

Tree Cutting and Shearing without the use of Chain Saws
The use of chain saws is an extremely dangerous job. This is why J. Pettiecord Inc. has many pieces of equipment that can cut down whole trees or just specific limbs without the use of chain saws. We have machines that can cut trees whole trees off at ground level or reach up high into a tree and cut specific limbs down. Sitting in the enclosed cab of a piece of heavy equipment is much safer than working under a tree with a chain saw.

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