Dresser Rand Demolition and Cleanup
Pettiecord Inc. won the public bid for the city of Burlington, IA for the Dresser Rand Demolition and Cleanup. The project consisted in removal and recycling of over 12,000 cubic yards of concrete, removal and disposal of 1,600 tons of lead contaminated soil and site backfill/grading and restoration. Project Totals: $600,000

Two Former Gas Station Excavations at the same time.
In the summer of 2015, J. Pettiecord Inc. was contracted by two separate environmental engineers to handle cleaning up two gas station sites on the same street corner in Denison, IA. We utilized two crews and a fleet of dump trucks to handle both projects at the same time. Both projects involved excavating over 4,000 cubic yards of petroleum contaminated soil, backfilling and compacting, subgrade preparation, and paving done by a subcontractor. Project Totals: $290,000

1422 Scott Ave Building Demolition
In the summer of 2014 J. Pettiecord, Inc won the competitive bid for the demolition and disposal of a former construction and demolition recycling facility owned by the city of Des Moines. The building involved a massive cleanup of demolition material which had been left in the building for years. Then we took down and recycled the massive steel structure and disposed of the rest of the debris at the local landfill. Project Total: $430,000

Highway 100 Extensions in Cedar Rapids
In the spring of 2014, J. Pettiecord, Inc won the bid to be the subcontractor for the land clearing on three phases of the large Highway 100 extension from the northwest side of Cedar Rapids down to Covington, IA. Our land clearing division cleared, ground up, and disposed of over 100 acres of trees for the four mile long project. Project Total: $720,000

I80 and I29 Interchange in Council Bluffs
In the summer and fall of 2014, J. Pettiecord Inc. worked as a subcontractor to Peterson Contractors Inc. for one of the many phases of the I80 and I29 interchange reconstruction project through Council Bluffs, IA. J. Pettiecord Inc. demolished six large industrial buildings, cleared 20 acres of trees, and handled the removal and disposal of over 16,000 tons of heavy metal contaminated soil on the IDOT project. Project total: $1,000,000

Excavation and demolition project for major electric utility.
In the spring of 2013, J. Pettiecord, Inc. was contracted by a global engineering firm to clean up a site in Oskaloosa, IA. Contamination had spread from an old site onto some private properties and was making some homes settle on unstable ground. The project consisted of demolishing houses, excavation of the contaminated soil to a depth of around 23 feet, hauling the contaminated soil to a landfill in Illinois, backfilling the excavation, and surface restoration such as sidewalk replacement and seeding. Project total: $300,000

Former gas station cleanup.
In summer of 2013, J. Pettiecord, Inc. cleaned up a large amount of petroleum contaminated soil at a former gas station in Winterset, IA to make way for a large new grocery store. The project included excavation of 7,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil which extended into one of the city’s public streets. The excavation was then backfilled with strict compaction requirements and the city street was repaved. Project total: $250,000

Cleanup of former ammunition plant with heavy lead contaminated soil.
In the summer of 2009, J. Pettiecord Inc. was contracted to cleanup a site with high levels of heavy metals. The project involved excavation of approximately 24,000 tons of lead contaminated soil and sludge, hauling, and disposing of it at a landfill. The project also included demolition of over a dozen large underground concrete structures, removal and disposal of over 4,000 linear feet of underground pipe, heavy tree clearing and grinding, treating over 2 million gallons of contaminated water, and then grading the site to drain. Project total: $1,700,000

New Railroad Bridge and Main Line Track.
J. Pettiecord Inc. was contracted to clear and grind 30 acres of trees for a new railroad bridge in Boone, IA, in the fall of 2006. The project included clearing and grinding both sides of the existing bridge for the new mainline track leading up to the new bridge. The Pettiecord crew cleared out both sides under the proposed bridge for the massive abutments and deep piers, despite the area’s extremely rough terrain. Project total: $275,000

Commercial and Residential Subdivision in West Des Moines, IA.
A Des Moines area developer and grading contractor hired J. Pettiecord, Inc. to clear and grind 26 acres of trees for a new commercial and residential subdivision in a rapidly growing area of West Des Moines. The project began in early March. Our track-mounted equipment worked through much mud and bad weather to finish the project by the beginning of April. Project total: $225,000

Rail Car Spill at Ethanol Plant.
In August of 2007, a rail car spilled 30,000 gallons of gasoline at an ethanol plant in western Iowa and the dry ground soaked it up quickly. J. Pettiecord Inc. started excavating and hauling contaminated soil to a landfill late on Thursday night. The crew ran two excavators and 15 trucks 24 hours a day until 5 p.m. on Sunday when the excavation was complete. We backfilled the excavation with rock and clay and compacted it around the railroad lines. The plant was able to continue production and had rail cars ready to haul ethanol as soon as the lines were completed. Project total: $255,000

Truck Hauling Herbicide Crash.
In April of 2004, a van tractor-trailer crashed into a stream in southern Iowa while hauling a powdered form of herbicide. The herbicide was in super sacks and when the truck crashed many of the super sacks split open into the stream. J. Pettiecord inc. mobilized quickly on the site and built a dam to prevent the spread of the herbicide. The broken super sacks of herbicide were salvaged into new sacks for transportation to another truck. All the spilled herbicide in the stream was pumped out and disposed of. The Pettiecord crew also excavated and disposed of the soil contaminated by the spill. Project total: $100,000

Truck Hauling Ethanol Crash.
In October of 2006, tanker truck overturned and spilled 6,000 gallons of ethanol on a rural Iowa road. J. Pettiecord Inc. worked with another contractor and a Central Iowa Hazmat unit to pump the remaining ethanol out of the tanker and into another truck. Once the tanker was emptied, the Pettiecord crew worked overnight, under lights, to excavate all contaminated soil and transport it to the local landfill. They then backfilled the site and restored the area to its original condition. Project total: $75,000

UST Removal for a Des Moines Area Public School.
J. Pettiecord was contracted to remove a 10,000 gal. tank at a Des Moines Area Public School. Under the tank we found contaminated soil. The contaminated soil was excavated to a depth of approximately 30 feet below ground level. The excavation spread to more than 100 feet in each direction. Some of the overburden was stockpiled on site for use as backfill. Most of the excavated soil was contaminated and disposed of at a local landfill. The excavation then was backfill and compacted to 95% to get it ready for a new parking lot Project total: $90,000

Pipeline terminal cleanup and grading work after major flood.
During the floods of 2011 along the Missouri river a pipeline terminal was flooded by the backup of some storm sewers. J. Pettiecord, Inc. was called in to clean up the terminal, re-grade containment berms that had been washed out, and other tasks that were needed. We worked sun up to sun down for three weeks on this project to help the pipeline company get the terminal back open. Project total: $215,000

Misc. Pipeline work.
Over the past few years we have done many projects for pipeline companies. These projects involve cleaning up spills, trucking, general excavating and grading work, excavation work around the lines for others to repair, and many other kinds of projects.

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